Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday Treats

It's my birthday treats. Got it earlier before my birthday but now only i post it.

Diamond & Platinums
(Free pendant if i purchased up to RM300)

(30% offer for all normal items)

(12 pieces of vouchers in it..)

Not bad, huh? hehehe...


JaMiLLa said...

Lee Chien,

Happy Belated Birthday to You!!!

I have been so long time no blog-hopping to yours. Before Mother's Day, I was making and selling paper flower to my customers. Totally donno wat happen to blogosphere.

Hope you din forget me yeah. How old are you actually?

Lastly can i ask how you activate the function of "Email follow-up comments to"? I cant figure out the setting. I wanna do it for my blog too.

Lee Chien said...

thanks.. :D

sorry, i cant help you with that, i've been try to search every angles in my blog also cant find how to do it.. hmm... let me ask others and when i got to know i'll let you know again ok.. :D