Thursday, May 15, 2008

Big Apple In Town!

Yeah, Big Apple comes to town since last month, April at The Spring.

First time went there, i should say, first time dined in Big Apple. Personal opinion, J.Co still the better compared to Big Apple.

big apple1

Big Apple2

Big Apple3

Lol, i prefer J.Co, how about you?


LEEONG said...

i prefer jco too.. somehow :)

Lee Chien said...

hahaha.. yalo, more choices and tastier.. :D

EmiLio said...

spring in kuching? oh those donuts are really seducing me! irresistable!

my compaq is working well. i am satisfied=)

started using ur whitie dell?

SilverIsle said...

The reason you prefer J.CO?

I heard that Big Apple is less sweeter. So I might probably prefer Big Apple. Hehe.

Amei79 said...

hmm, not bad, when Spring comes, those stuffs which recently only available in WM come along too.

Lee Chien said...

yup, hahaha...

i'm started using my whitie edy lo.. nice too, hehehe... :D

huh, i think J.Co is less sweeter leh.. and the texture is softer than Big Apple also, hehehe...

yup, it's true, but not so much also.. in KL, a shopping centre can be shopped for whole day as the outlets are quite complete, but the spring, no way, i think max 2 hours only..