Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday To Myself

Sounds weird but still would like to say:-

happy birthday

to myself.

Ya, today is the day - 18th April, my birthday.

What am i doing now? I am suppose celebrating my birthday with friends at home now but they 'FFK' (fong fei gei) me. Pity huh? Still ok actually, coz i just came back, kinda tiring of cleaning the whole house alone. Now it's raining drizzlingly outside. Very cool, comfortable and quite, a feeling that i like alot..

What's happening today? My blog's traffic hit 20000 since the first day i blog, hahaha..


Another good news is, my college classmate - WINNIE has given birth to a baby girl this afternoon, who is same birthday with me, hahaha... Congratulations to her!

I have lots of pictures to post but my phone cable at my ONG's house, so post latest pictures. Hopefully tomorrow i can get back my phone cable.

Ah, Apple and Alysha also sent a parcel to my house last few days but i wasn't at home so i have to get the parcel from post office that i not yet go to get. Thank you in advance to both of you, you're so sweet!!

And thank you so much to everyone who dropped a birthday greeting in my chat box! =)


L B said...

L E E C H I E N ! ! ! :-) said...

Happy Belated Birthday~ said...

Am i too late?
Happy Birthday to you~

Renge said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Lee Chien.
& congratz on hitting 20000.

Lee Chien said...

Thanks everyone.. :D

墮天使-祥 said...

Happy Birthday.

Dalicia said...

happy birthday to you! sorry that your friend FFG..hate those types :P i hope they at least wish you a happy birthday :) 20,000 hits! so far mine is only 10,000

4all2all said...

Best Wishes to you on your Birthday!

Orange said...

Im very sorry about this. I know its late but i guess its better late than never.

Happy Birthday LeeChien. Im glad to know you. Good luck in whatever youre doing and dont forget us here in Hornbill Land when you're away.

levian said...

happy belated birthday !! n congratulations on the traffic !! :D

Lee Chien said...

thanks everyone for the greetings.. :D

glad to know you too.. and i'm going back soon!! :D

宝茹 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE CHIEN!!! So sorry to greet just now. :)

Lee Chien said...

it is never too late, hahaha...
thanks alot.. XD