Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Got USD5 From A.P.P.L.E.!!

My homepage is always my Gmail. Just now when i get connected and viewed my email box, i found this!


An email from PayPal, that Apple sent me $5.00 USD! Wow, what a surprise for me! I joined her blog contest last few weeks, and i didn't expect that i would win. Thanks alot weih!!! I'm really happy leh... =D

Congrats to another 2 bloggers as well, Darren and Cherry.

And Apple, don't give up with blog contest la, coz my first blog contest also very less popularity. Never mind, first time ma... I still will go to second time, don't know when only..

*p/s: to other readers, i just met up with Cherry (Apple's sister) last night, she's cute and pretty leh.. hehehe... Apple was there also, second time met up with Apple since i come back, future entry will blog about it.. =D)


Apple said...

Congrats once again and I'm glad you are happy ^_^

levian said...

congratulation !! :D

Lee Chien said...

thanks apple and levian.. :D