Thursday, March 13, 2008

Online Pool


It's been so long that i didn't play pool already. I used to play pool very much last time, whenever i went to pubs, amusement arcades with my friends or even with my sis.

I quite like to play pool but my skill is lousy as i have no patience to make any measurement on them. The main reason why i didn't play pool is because i hate the smell of cigarette, as you know, smoking is always allowed in pool areas. So now, i'm playing online pool. Very much different from the real pool right? But i can play any where i like, any seating position i like, and for sure i'm playing in a non-smoking area.

I am not a professional pool player, so i'm quite satisfied with online pool. Do you mind to try?


Tom Evans said...

You should move to England. There's no smoking in our pool halls!

Lee Chien said...

tom evans,
really? wow, that's great! in malaysia don't have.. (as i know..)