Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mini Contest

This mini contest is CLOSED, as CHERRY already got the answer!!! Congrats Cherry!! You've won the Malacca key chains!!!!

And the answer is:


Yes, i did post it on 28 August.

Still remember i went to Malacca last week? I did buy some souvenirs (key chains), hahaha... but it's ain't for myself but just as souvenirs for friends, i have too many small souvenirs, can be arranged into few boxes i believe.

Alright, here's the mini contest for all my visitors and readers:-

What is the name of this cutie?

Winner who got the answer first will be given 2 Malacca key chains (out of these 12) as reward.

It's just a mini souvenir for mini contest, hope you'll like it.

Please leave your answer with email address in my comments. =)


宝茹 said...

Contest! OOOOHHH~~~~

Wah~~ I don't know the answer. :(

Renge said...

ai, contest~~~
but I dunno tat cutie wat name leh.
I will try my best to find d answer.

Cherry said...

It's name is Maccha!
It's means green tea! xP

Renge said...

haha, juz notice that d answer is in ur August 28 blog entry.
but since Cherry is d 1st to discover, then it's okay.

levian said...

aw, miss my chance also. go Cherry !! :D

Apple said...

Nice move to setup a contest! I've been thinking of making a blog contest but I don't have 本钱. lols

Cherry said...

eeeeeeee....Thanks thanks! ^^ So happy le..lols

Lee Chien said...

thanks to all participants ya..

hahaha.. just a little gift only, hope readers and visitors dun mind lo..

hahahaha.. you're welcome, you got the answer ma, hahaha...

Apple said...

Congrats Cherry..and I notice Blogger is doing some can choose to sign in with different service account..see the "B" logo beside our display names? hehe

Lee Chien said...

oh... hahahaha.. i saw B but dun what it means, hahahaha...