Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Wishing Well

That was the first time i went there, in day time.. I didn't like the ambiance there.. Not cozy, especially the couch there really not comfortable at all.. Maybe as a night entertainment business is good, i don't know..

These are the menu i had there before..

Black Berry Soda
(i think it tasted nice..)

Jasmine Lemon
(not mine, and my friend said the taste very weird..??)

French Toast

Noticed the French Toast? If you are a French Toast lover, you must know how a French Toast looks like. Icing sugar topping? Where is the butter cube? Where is the peanut butter?


levian said...

i agree. i've been there once, at night, when they just opened. n never went back ever since. the drinks .. are weird !! i remembered ordering something similar to yours. every drink is like "the same" except for the syrup at the bottom. haha. some funky idea, i suppose. :P

kang yong said...

the French Toast look different from what I ate before... I want to "bite" it!!

*bite *bite *bite!

Lee Chien said...

hahaha... you had the experience also oh.. hahaha.. the bottom is the flavour thing then the transparent one is soda, quite expensive with this kind of simple recipe drinks lo..

Lee Chien said...

kang yong,
look different and the taste also different, you really wanna 'bite' it ah? not nice one bo, i din finish it in the end, hahaha..