Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Wanting to change my blog to wordpress...


But i don't know how... OMG!!!!!! Help me...... Why is it so hard to play with wordpress.... i don't understand those html, css and etc... WTH......!!!!


LEEONG said...

i tried wordpress. quite complicated cz u need server to upload and change template unless u wanna use da ori 1. but i like its service where u can lock da post and its nicer :p

alf said...

is that how it is at wp. i was liking them because of the nice and simple layout.

EmiLio said...

oopps.. i cant help you much because i am undoubtfully a dummy in this kind of stuff!

Lee Chien said...

haih.. that's the thing that i dun understand also.. haih.. but it really looks nicer..

yaya, nice and simple layout but i dunoe how to use..

hahaha.. it's ok, coz it's really complicated stuffs.. :D

camy said...

wow changing wordpress?
hehe i am using it but i use jor q long d cant really teach u :D
1st need have a own space then go download the wordpress program then upload to ur space then need install it de ^^
now ar if my wordpress anything wrong ar then i die d :P coz if some code is edit then it won be able to use d :) but so far i use it really nice ^^

Lee Chien said...

hmm... that's the main problem coz i know nothing about all the html stuffs.. :(

camy said...

hi leechien u can try go to here
i try search the tutorial for install it to u ^^
if u wan tat free space tat support the php coz wordpress need use php de
u can try tis i use de q nice n its free ^^

teddY said...

Hey I'm just wondering, are you intending to transfer to a blog or a self-hosted Wordpress blog? :) for the latter, I might be able to help.

Orange said...

for any wordpress matter u really should ask Apple, shes a genius on that.

Lee Chien said...

thanks alot oh... i need long time to study it, hahaha..

self-hosted wordpress blog, really, you can help? thanks alot first.. :)

yup, gonna make appointment with her and ask her for help, hahahaha...