Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Belated Father's Day 2008!

Sounds funny.. That Father's Day celebrated at Pizza Hut. No dad likes to eat pizza, but actually mom likes to eat pizza. Mother's Day at The Banquet and Father's Day at Pizza Hut. These been so long that i had no chance to celebrate such festivals with families. When will i leave again, i really don't know.

Jug of Pepsi....

Garlic Bread - I know dad will order as he doesn't really like to eat pizza..

My favourite - Mushroom Soups

Seafood Platter - Another considered 'not bad' food at Pizza Hut

Deli Wings - This is really nice wings.. Dad and i like it so much..

Mom's favourite - Breadstix

Regular size - Hawaiian Pizza & Veggie Lover

Oh ya, Happy Belated Father's Day 2008 to all the fathers.. :]


Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi Lee Chien!
i love breadstix with the soup! yummy! other than that, i think Pizza Hut has dropped its standard. I used to love their chicken wings, but now it doesn't taste as good as last time.

I had few bad experiences wt PIzza Hut. I am a definitely No-No fan of PH! Domino's should be fine! :)

Glad you spent a valuable dinner wt yr family!

Jean Chia

Anonymous said...

Actually I wanna give surprise for my dad. I ordered online from Pizza hut to be delivered to my home. Cos I'm not at home
Who knows end up, the pizza never come. Reason given, "system down"... :(

Lee Chien said...

I'm not fan of PH also but here got no domino's.. :(

maybe too many orders for that night?!

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