Friday, June 20, 2008

2nd Time - Secret Recipe

Went to Secret Recipe, branch at The Spring for the second time.

Mom really loves this Green Apple Kasturi..

Iced Chocolate with Whipped Cream at Secret Recipe is really so yummy.. :]

I actually ordered Vegetarian Soba for mom but they served Japanese and rejected by me!

After they sent back and out again, i realized it was the same soba but they removed the bigger slices of meat only, this 'Vegetarian Soba' still can find smaller slices of meat inside.. :(

Kinda big disappointment for me compared to last time i went there.


Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

i havent try green apple kasturi, but it sure sounds refreshing! :)

sry that u had to experience such bad service about the soba at Secret Recipe. ><

Jean Chia

Lee Chien said...

jean chia,
hahaha.. iced chocolate with whipped cream is nice also.. :]

yup, i was really a bad service.. kinda disappointed..

EmiLio said...

that day when i was in kuching i passed by the secret recipe in the spring. gotta give the apple kasturi a try!

Lee Chien said...

yeah, you should go, i think it nice also gua since many ppl like it.. :)