Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Belated Mother's Day 2008!

Happy Belated Mother's Day 2008 for all the mothers over the world.

It's been few couples of years that i didn't celebrate Mother's Day with mom. I'm glad to be able to have dinner together again.

First time had dinner a The Banquet during Mother's Day.

The Banquet

The Banquet - Set up

The Banquet - Soup

The Banquet - Vege 3

The Banquet - Vege2

The Banquet - Vege1

The Banquet - Fruits

Expensive Mother's Day with common dinner, and one dish, Vegetarian Cod Fish with Superior Soya Sauce. I'd already called back to The Banquet and they are able to replace it again. Not bad.. :D Good service though some mistaken happened..


alvincheng said...

All the food are cool. I'm really hungry now! Do come to my blog and leave a foot print.

Lee Chien said...

thank you. and sure will visit you.. :D

LEEONG said...

eee i din get to go :(

Lee Chien said...

next time la, hahaha...