Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dell Inspiron 1420

Hahahaha.. I've been waited to have new laptop for so so long already. Finally i bought it - Dell Inspiron 1420, white colour. It is so nice...... :D

The estimated delivery date was about 3 weeks, but i kept calling and rushing the operators of Dell, finally, i got my laptop only about 14 days after i confirmed my order.

Here's the parcel!


There were 2 boxes inside 1 parcel.

Softwares & Accessories


Now is the time for the main role: DELL Inspiron 1420

It's in WHITE!!

It's Windows Vista.. :D

Model - Dell Inspiron 1420
Processor - Core 2 Duo @ 1.83 GHz
Hardisk - 160GB

What can i ask for more? It's good enough for me now.. :D


墮天使-祥 said...

Wah ! So nice.

Hope that with this computer, you can online more frequent.

usws said...

Wow, 3GB of RAM.. i didn't know they had that option. Haha, they must know how Vista can really strain a computer if it wanted to.

What about a graphics card? Is yours fit for playing the latest games? Hahaha.. that would be totally awesome!


p.s. I could think of so many things more to ask for. XD

alvincheng said...

3Gb ram, cool, how much you bought?

Apple said...

Congrats and that's quite a nice spec. but why alang alang 3gb?

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

wa wa! nice nice. congrates on ur new lappie :P

EmiLio said...

i saw another similar to this one during the pc fair! i am so in love with the metallic keyboard.

alas.. i chose compaq in the end.

alf said...

cool. enjoy it and more blogging power.

Lee Chien said...

hahahaha... yup, i will online more frequent.. :D

yup, it's 3GB RAM, nice.. hehehe...
the graphics card is Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 if not mistaken, averagely, this specs really not bad... :D
you may ask anything you like.. hehehe..

it's only rm2599, cheap huh?! :D

hahaha.. thank you. it should be 2gb but free upgrade to 3gb available so i just take it lo.. :D

hahaha.. thank you.. :D

i think this is the one you saw, coz i bought it with pc fair promotion as well.. how's your compaq?

thank you.. :D

Amei79 said...

Wow, great! how much is it?
Dell not bad, their onside services is good too.