Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Putting On Weight!!

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I am kind of person easily putting on weight. But when i am working, i always crazy in work, seldom feel hungry and normally working days will make me loss weight.

As most of you know that, i am currently do not have any permanent job yet, which mean there is nothing that i can crazy work in until i won't feel my hunger. So you can imagine that how i am look like now. I am not sure how many kg i have put on, but i can obviously feel that my tummy going to 'drop' soon. Another two proofs - my sis and my mom.

My sis - Your face look rounder than before (the last time she saw me was about 1 month ago).
My mom - You didn't do exercise for kinda long time (i really didn't do and still don't now).

I never had any weight loss program or diet plan before. I'm not kinda person who can stop myself from eating my favourite food or doing the exercises that i don't like. I used to like swimming and water sports, but i can't do it everywhere. You might say these are all my excuses, perhaps, i don't deny. I am lazy, and i don't really care of how i look (thought sometimes i do).

Will you dislike me just because i am putting on weight and looking fat?


墮天使-祥 said...

No worry, I will be always be there for you.

Lee Chien said...

hahaha.. thank you, thank you! =)

Apple said...

You are not fat at all ^^

Amei79 said... u look like ar?
If u have try to do certain exercise (e.g jogging) for certain period, u will automatic addicted to it...i experienced it b4 in Uni, til im so dissappointed when is time to jogging but raining day came...!
Main point is try to make it as also on diet plan mah, y not just consult her?

UncleJosh said...

work work work... :)
when i work... i gain weight le...
haha... try to snake abit by going out for drinks and tea and makan...
haha ~!

when i've no work... i lose weight because i only eat when i am hungry and i can work out...

Lee Chien said...

when i am then we meet up.. you'll know, hahaha...

i'm just a normal looking person lo, but getting fatter, hahaha.. i really dun like jogging, i did go jogging with friends long long time before and i quit the next day, really dun like... hahaha.. i'm not planning to take any diet plan, coz i know for sure i cant finish it.

hahaha... we are completely opposite, hahaha... when working, if i snake abit then i'll get my stomach full even faster; when i'm not working, i always feel hungry and to put food to my mouth..

Dalicia said...

me too :P your true friends wouldn't leave you if you become fat, ugly or old. i mean, i've struggled with that. been on diets...etc....finally, i just tell myself that i have to be healthy and not care about sizes and weight. i got to say, i'm not crazy about exercise. but it's good for your well being.