Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Yup, it's Earth Day today - 22 April. It's kinda late to post this but still i find this is a meaningful day and event.

I went The Curve to meet up with Ankie. While waiting for her, i was walking alone at Ikano Power Centre and i saw this event - Earth Day Carnival.

Earth Day-1
Entrance of Earth Day Carnival
(nice arch)

Earth Day - 2
In front of the entrance

Earth Day - 4
Stage and Backdrop

Earth Day - 6
The event
(stalls selling whole the related stuffs; staffs were wearing in green uniforms)

Earth Day - 3 (mini austin)
(if you noticed the entrance, there was a Mini Austin there, so cute!)

What's the meaning of Earth Day? Do i need to explain more? I don't think so. You and i, we know what it is, and we know how to practice it as well.

Let's save our EARTH!


L B said...

We must save the Earth!

Lee Chien said...

yup, we should! our earth is sick.. =(