Friday, March 14, 2008

My Disappointment


Wonder why am i posting these two photos? I was at The Spring, using the wireless connection of Starbucks, and i was sitting at Kluang Station. Why?
1. Expenses at Kluang Station will be cheaper.
2. More food choices at Kluang Station.

I went to Kluang Station at One Utama (KL) once before, the food there was nice. This was the first time i went to Kluang at The Spring (KCH) with my sis. Below are the conversation with the waiter:

Me: Can i have French Fries?
Waiter: We don't have today.
Me: Can i have Chicken Wings?
Waiter: We also don't have today?

I was very impatient, as i hate restaurant not serving the food in their menu!

Me: Okay, just tell me what is available for today!
Waiter: Drinks are all available. For food, (pointing at menu) no. 1, no. 5 and this one nasi lemak rendang are available.

WTF!! Only THREE food available?!

In the end, we had:


Food and beverage industry is one of the criteria in hospitality industry, which is one of the service industries. Do you know that consumer can sue the restaurant for not cancelling the unavailable food from the menu?


Pazuzu said...

eee... u from kch meh? said...

that is toooo toooooo bad!

Cherry said...

omg can they like this..if me i'll b really kek tio n walk away...kek sim ar...

EmiLio said...

no wonder u're disappointed..

wide variety of food should be offered to the customers, like wat u say, to promote hospitality.

Lee Chien said...

yalo, i'm from kch leh, hehehe..

yup, very bad..

no professional ho! i wanted to go also, but i edy seated and was online-ing there edy, haih...

very fed up with this kind of outlets + services..

墮天使-祥 said...

The service of the restaurant is suck.

Orange said...

wow i actually want to see ur frustrated face blek.

Lee Chien said...

yup, it is! i never been there since then.. i wish IF i'll go there again next time, they have improved..

should be like this gua, hahaha...