Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do You Hold Credit Cards?

I am kinda sensitive to credit card stuffs, as i've seen many cases that borrowers owing credit card companies a large amount of money and the borrowers are not able to settle the amount.

Recently, heard that one of my friends is going to apply for credit cards, kinda shocked and worried, coz as i know, he (my friend) has no proper personal financial management, that he spends his money in invisible way and always saying not enough money in the end of the month. Will it finally become a bad credit credit cards or bad credit loans? I really don't know, coz spending credit in credit card is spending your future money. Can you control yourself when you see no cash money spending now but you gonna get the stuffs you want? Most of the people holding credit cards can't, and that is why also in the end owing credit card companies a large amount of money.

Be franked, i'm not good in managing my financial, so i have no credit card. At least i can avoid for bad credit. I wish that my friend think properly before he applies for a credit card...


Amei79 said...

owning a credit card is not a bad thing...if let say u worry u will over spending future money, than u can apply ONLY one credit card with lowest credit limit (maybe RM2k).

The beneficial having the credit card is that, e.g online booking ticket (airasia), cheaper & no agent fee, can save lots of money too, if u travelling oftenly.

Lee Chien said...

i got only debit card, same function with credit card but i'm not using future money at least.. i scare i cant control myself also.. even 2k also a large amount for me, and if you cant pay your debt, the interest is high..