Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pizza Hut Again

Hahaha.. Once again went to Pizza Hut.. I think my mom like to eat pizza alot..

2 Personal Pan Pizza

Be frank, i went to Pizza Hut for about 4 times already in these 2 weeks.. I prefer Domino's Pizza but not available in kch...


Anonymous said...

i also want to eat le..

kang yong said...

haha.. can bring me along? i want to eat too!

Lee Chien said...

hahahaha.. when you come back?

kang yong,
hahahaha.. really oh? where and when? wait til i go back kl lo, hehehehe..

levian said...

haven't been there in quite a while. planning planning !! :D

Lee Chien said...

oh, you're planning to go oh, hehehe.. :D