Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pizza Hut @ Jln Song

How long has it been since the last time i went to Pizza Hut? I really can't remember... This time i went with my parents and sis, Pizza Hut at Jalan Song, Kuching.. The last time i went Pizza Hut with families was during primary school time i think, coz my parents seldom have fast food..

3 Pepsi(s) and 1 Milo
(i had actually ordered ice lemon tea and guess what the server told me? the ice lemon tea supplier not yet open their office..?? what kind of excuse is this?? so i ordered Milo and i regretted, i rather make my own Milo, as it's just like water mix with maybe half spoon of Milo powder..)

(always my mom's favourte)

I ordered Seafood Lasagna and it's sucks!!!
(I eaten only some minced chicken and minced prawn from 1 number of prawn only perhaps)

Veggie Lovers

Hawaiian Beef


Anonymous said...

That look horrible!!
i used to be like the pizza hut at Jln song

Lee Chien said...

that was actually my first time dined there.. i ever heard my sis told me that her friend called this outlet to make delivery order, and there were some problems, ended up my sis's friend called to hq in kl made complaint of this outlet, then few minutes later, staff of this outlet called back to ask her friend to pull back the complaint.. walau..