Sunday, February 24, 2008

Perfume Versace

I bought perfume earlier, before i left KL. I bought it just to get the angpow packets for my mom, so if you ask me whether i like this perfume or not, i will tell you not really, coz what i want is Lancome, not Versace. But Lancome brand is not available at Sasa...



This VERSACE - BRIGHT CRYSTAL, that i chosen among all the other perfumes. It costs me RM227.70, expensive? No matter what, since i already bought it and i will try my best to like it.


墮天使-祥 said...

What so special about Sasa, make you must buy from them? Because of the Ang Pau?

beyond said...

Guys will love it! Dun worry!

Apple said...

Lancome Miracle is my favorite, also want to buy but no $.

EmiLio said...

the bottle looks nice! does it smell nice? haha! i seem like asking nonsense, perfume? of course smells nice la!

Lee Chien said...

hahaha.. be frank, i'm not fan of Sasa, i think this is the 2nd time i purchased something from there, 1st time i helped my friend to buy, hahaha... because of the angpow only lo, kinda silly ho.. that's why i quite regret after that..

hahaha.. i really dunoe guy will like it or not, importantly i have to like it first lo..

yeah!!! lancome miracle is the one that i wanted so much.. lancome always my favourite perfume brand.. it's true, lancome is more expensive compared to others brand..

hahaha.. smell not bad lo, coz at least i chosen among all others brand, just because the one that i wanted so much is miracle so abit regret.. but this one smell nice also, really, i like florals smell, not so strong.. ;)

lynnx01 said...

This is the exact perfume my friend recommended to me!! It was selling for RM307 in KLIA. Ahah! Now I know where to get it if I still have got enough budget. 'Cos I ended buying Lancome in KLIA.. hehehe

vickie said...

whoa Versace oh.... not cheap 1 oh!

Lee Chien said...

oh, klia more expensive oh? i dunoe.. lancome is nice what, hehehe.. i like lancome.. versace not bad also act.. :D

yup, versace.. perfume is expensive... :( luckily can use longer, hahaha..