Friday, February 22, 2008

Add 1 More Sidebar To Your Blog

Even me still as an idiot in I.T. knowledge can do this. If you wanna add one more column in your blog, i'm sure you can do it as well if you follow the tutorial below!

I had been thinking to get 3-column template for my blog but i'm lazy to save all my widgets and paste it again in new column. What i can do is to edit the html template. This is the tutorial from Romani, as how i learned and applied to my blog.

*click image for larger view*





No worries about the lost of any widgets, just go to Template - Page Elements, you will see two sidebars. You could move elements between them and add new elements too.


amei79 said...

Hmm, been quite a long time not drop by ur blog oledi.

Im I.T idiot even lazy to learn the html. Actually I wish to change my blog template with my own banner at the top...but just dont know how to get it a start.

Ur I.T knowledge is better than mine lah, or may u more keen to learn than me? gambate!

Anonymous said...

but it makes the content block smaller rigth?

Lee Chien said...

hahaha.. i have to learn slowly.. slower than anyone i think, coz it's all new for me, hahaha.. you mean the header image ha? can change in the page element leh...

yalo, you have to make the content smaller lo.. can adjust one.. :D

American Warrior said...

Please for god sake "help me"!
I followed all steps "Add 1 More Sidebar To Your Blog"
When i add the last step,
I keep getting an error message:
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.

What the hell is up? I even removed this portion and clicked save, and there was no problem. So I KNOW it's THIS section only that is causing the problem.
Please help me!