Monday, February 25, 2008

Marriage Proposal

Though i'm not in KL now, i still get updated what's happening in KL..


This huge billboard advertisement is one of the billboards along LDP. And the lucky guy is David Tan who got Kelly Tan to say 'YES' to him on Valentine's Day, 14th February 2008! :D

Will you say YES if someone proposes you like how David Tan did?

More info in The Star.

Congrats to David and Kelly!


Apple said...

It will be very stress if say 'no' as you are going to make him 'lose face'.

I prefer an alternative proposal - not too public.

Dav DiDi said...

Yeah, i read about the proposal too but spending such money is , for me a waste of money .. better that he donate the money to old fox or kids home .. let them sing song in return of the proposal methods ..

Claudia said...


I think it's a great idea. I love original ideas. It doesn't mean you have to say yes. You always have choices. If you love the guy you'll say yes no matter in which way he does it and if you don't love him you'll say no. One should never do things, especially get married out of a sense of obligation.

oOYuiOo said...

but coming ur blog,it ur world ^^

i prefer he use the money buy a
diamond proposed to me more good

or doing some nice thing...

p/s:i keep continue my blog :) said...

Is that real or just ads? I mean the billboard..
It is very stress for the lady le.

usws said...

Uh huh, my mum said something similar.. she would have been embarrassed to be proposed to like that. I was like "Huh? Aren't you suppose to be proud of the one you're marrying?"

Anyhow, i think i would accept (more like HAVE TO). I find such things romantic (Although RM40,000 is a little too much. And that's without the RM10,000 over diamond ring OMG). But people like him are setting the bar really high, how will i propose chuntedly next time? Two billboards? LOL!


p.s. RM40,000 would have been better spent on the wedding day or honeymoon.
p.s.p.s. He's an ad executive, maybe he didn't have to pay the full RM40k.

Maxea said...

its kinda hard to say 'no'..
thinking of he spent so much on tat billboard..woo..40k~

well, kinda romantic though.haha

camy said...

so romantic ~~~ if my bf do it for me i will say yes hehehe

jimmychin said...

so rich tat guy = =

Lee Chien said...

hahaha.. true also.. but if dun like must say no.. coz it's not a game..

dav didi,
alot weih, rm40k.. can do many things with that money..

hahaha... great idea and lots of money spent... yup, if i love him, i'll say yes no matter in which way, but definitely not too easy also, and if i dun love me i'll say no as well..

you can use chinese, never mind la, hahaha.. coz i lazy to type chinese and my chinese not good but i can read.. :D hahaha.. that 40k last for 1 month only... abit wasted ho... and i'm glad that you continue blogging, gambateh.. :D

real, hahaha.. and the lady said yes edy oh!!

hahaha.. it's kinda romantic for me also but rm40k is over to spend only in the billboard, same as you, i would rather have it to spend in wedding day or honeymoon... yup, ad exe, and he's only 26, maybe he's getting disc. for that billboard also..

hahaha.. if you dun like that guy it's kinda hard for you to say yes also, hahaha... 40k is not a small amount...

hahaha.. if bf most probably will say yes, if the guy is not your bf it will be really hard to say yes..

rich ho.. 40k for a billboard...

Trinity said...

Oh wow... if I got a proposal like that from the person I love, I will definitely say Yes but I can't afford to do the same.. LOL

Lee Chien said...

hahaha... coz it's really cost alot of money... 40K!!!!

宝茹 said...

Heehee...I don't know...quite embarrassing maybe? :)