Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jase Tea Room

Jase Tea Room, located at Jln Tun Jugah. This is the place that i was hanging out few times, to online and enjoy drinks there.. I like the environment there and another reason is - the concept of this cafe is so close to my dream cafe... very nice and cozy place..




These photos are taken on Valentine's Day, that's why there were Valentine's decor..

Milkshakes Chocolate Frost

(Varieties of tea are available here)

Actual address posts here:-

1st Floor, Sublot 18, Premier 101 Commercial Centre,
Jalan Tun Jugah, 93350, Kuching.

It is located at the 1ST FLOOR, so many people may not aware of this cafe but i do wish it will be known by many people as Jase Tea Room is really a nice place!


Aleckii said...

What? You're in Kuching right now? AHHH! I miss my home so much! I live at tabuan jaya, haha!

Oh, want to exchange links? I've added you to my blogroll, can come back and visit you anytime.

Apple said...

Hehe..I never been there before. Maybe we can meet there tomorrow night?

Johnny said...

that shop just outside my house..
I should go visit after i back home..

Lee Chien said...

you're from kch too, hahaha.. i'm living near to you i think, hahaha... sure, no prob, i'll link you up too.. :D

wah, meet up! i'll contact you ya!!!

outside your house? hahahaha... you must go ah, nice place leh!!!

L B said...

It looks like a very nice place to hang out.. Pity I have never been to Kuching in my life! :-)

Hello, Lee Chien!!

Lee Chien said...

nice to meet you! :D
yup, jase is a nice place to hang out.. find a day come to kuching lo.. a peaceful city.. :D

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Ooo~ that looks very nice.

I haven't even been to the new shops at premier 101 :P Should make a visit one of these days.

Lee Chien said...

premier 101 is new shops oh? i dunoe leh, hahaha.. but got new outlets there lo.. not fully occupied i think.. really should go to visit jase at least once.. nice place..