Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 Become 3

Noticed changes in my layout? Yup, i've added another sidebar in my blog, which became 3 columns now. And i've removed the header image, coming image still not yet decided. Any idea?




Aleckii said...

Hey, how do you do that? Splitting 2 into 3?

Cool blog anyway. Will be dropping by often.

Apple said...

It's always nice to have a 3 columns. I'm actually a 3-column-fan, but my new layout is in 2 column. *sweat*

宝茹 said...

So many icons now!

Lee Chien said...

i'll post about it these few days.. :D

hahaha.. i like 3-column too.. why dun you add one more column as well?

messy ah? i'm thinking how to arrange it..

rambochai said...

these is good . i also use 3 column, since i see apple u 3 column (last time) , then i had felt in love for it ready ... 呵呵呵... 3 comlumn will help the widget not "too long" until end of the pages . so these might help reader more easy to take a "full look" of the page .. :) rite ?

Lee Chien said...

hahahaha.. you are correct, i really like my 3-column layout! but i still have to arrange the icons, hehehe..