Saturday, November 10, 2007

Danson Tang 'Love Me' Promo Tour in Malaysia

My anonymous reader requested me to reveal the exact venue and date of DANSON TANG 'LOVE ME' promo tour in Malaysia. Too bad that my company did not manage to organize his promo tour.

Here's the venue and date of DANSON TANG 'LOVE ME' Malaysia Promo Tour:-

18/11 Genting Highland - Outdoor showcase
19/11 My FM Live Intereview (1pm)
Selayang Mall
20/11 Seremban - Terminal 1
21/11 Batu Pahat

Dear anonymous reader, this is what i know, further details you can notice My FM. (i hope next time you could leave your contact or any email other than anonymous only, thank you!)

I hope all the fans of DANSON TANG enjoy his promo tour in Malaysia!!


Sean said...

Are you work at advertising company? You see stars frequently?

levian said...

are you a big fan of danson ?? :)

Edward said...

Mind to tell me where do you work?

Renge said...

here no gt.

Lee Chien said...

no, hahaha... i just post it for one of my readers...

sean, edward,
i'm working in one of the event management company in KL.. No really see stars frequently also... how about you?

amei79 said...

Sorry, who is Danson Tang? Im so out-updated recently, especially to those new raised up singer or actors (actress). Is he new?

Lee Chien said...

hahaha.. this was the most common question asked when i was searching for presenter for DANSON TANG. He's one of the actors in 'hua yang shao nian shao nv'.. his not the main role but his role is quite heavy as well..