Saturday, September 22, 2007

Danson Tang 'LOVE ME'

I got this from one of the top recording companies. This artiste is Danson Tang (唐禹哲Tang Yu Zhe) from Taiwan, he's going to come to Malaysia for his first album 'LOVE ME' promo tour. One of the projects in hand, that we have to deal with the sponsorship (hate to find sponsor...). I hope we can get this event.

Both square album packaging available in Taiwan only (i guess), the rectangle album packaging is available in Malaysia, and this album comes with a free pillow case and DVD.

Probably you don't know who he is, but you may seen his drama before. Let's share his profile:-

Name: Danson Tang Yu Zhe
Birth Date: 2 September 1984
Birth Place: Keelung City, Taiwan
Astrology Sign: Virgo
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Vital Stats: 34.5, 30, 36
Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese, English
Interests: Basketball, Swimming, Dancing, Collecting things
Talents: Singing, Basketball, Eating
Favourite Food: Anything relating to Chocolate
Favourite Colours: Black, White, Grey, Gold, Silver
Favourite Music: R&B, Rock, Hip-hop
Favourite Actors (Local): 戴立忍, 范植偉, 屈中恆
Favourite Singers (Local): David Tao, 黃力行, Joy, Machi
Favourite Actors (International): Jackie Chan, Francis Ng, Samuel Jackson, Dan Washington
Favourite Singeres (International): Eminem, JaRule, Nelly, Justin, Ashanti

Dramas / 戲劇作品
2007 It Started With a Kiss II / 恶作剧之吻2
2007 Summer X Summer / 热情仲夏
2007 The X-Family / 终极一家
2006 Hanazakarino Kimitachihe/ 花样少年少女
2006 Xin Fu Pai Bing Xiang / 幸福牌冰箱
2005 KO One / 终极一班
2004 Nine-Ball / 撞球小子
2004 Blazing Courage / 火線任務
2004 Ai Qing Kuang Chao / 愛戀狂潮

Music Video / MV作品
2006 Twins – 我很想愛他
2005 Twins – 星光遊樂園
2005 Cindy Wang () – Da Da Da
2000 Vangie Tang () – 自量

Commercials / 廣告作品
2006 Pay Easy 購物網站
2005 HEME蘋果靚白UV防曬乳(黑皇后篇-with ELLA)
2005 HEME魔力海洋泉(美人魚篇-with HEBE)
2005 台灣固網(006)
2005 Pay Easy 購物網站
2005 生活泡沫系列飲料-香柚茶&蘋果茶
2005 安泰人壽路跑
2005 台灣大哥大「Nokia 3315 Snoopy限量版」
2004 Pay Easy 購物網站

Magazines / 雜誌作品
2006 PLAY雜誌
2006 myCOLOR雜誌
2006 MINA 雜誌
2005 HERE 雜誌
2004 C'est moi 雜誌

Album / 專輯
2007 愛我 Love Me

If you're fans of Danson Tang, please notice his coming promo tour and participate ya..


Anonymous said... it true that danson is coming to malaysia as well?
when is it then? or is that a secret?

Lee Chien said...

Yes, it's not a secret, it's confirmed that he'll be coming mid of november for his 'LOVE ME' album promo tour, you can notice press or radio, he will be going to the mines, batu bahat, selayang mall.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Sorry to bother you seems that till now i cant get any information on danson's promo tour..
do you think you are able to reveal the exact venue and date? would appreciate it if you do...

Anonymous said...

hye.. you did say about danson coming to malaysia but when is he coming to malaysia hopefully is on june 2009 k...tq!! =P!