Saturday, November 10, 2007

Eiffel Tower Only?

Have you ever been to France? I got a chance to go there once when i was studying my bachelor degree and my course is affiliated with French programme, so i had my study trip there.

France, what a dream place to most of the people. A country of romance? I can't deny, it is! French culture and lifestyle are different from Malaysian and that may become one of the reasons people wanted to go France so much.

As most of the tourist know, the main attraction of France is Eiffel Tower. Yes, Eiffel Tower is 'charming'. But other than Eiffel Tower what else are the attractions? I have to remind all tourists who are going or planning to go France, do not forget these places of attractions as well:-

- Wineries
- The Louvre
- Rhone Alps
- River Cruises
- Museums
- and etc

Click on the links above and find out the places in France, or click here, for further information. I hope you would enjoy your France trip like i do.


宝茹 said...

Ooh...I want to go to Paris too! Sounds very romantic there! :D

Lee Chien said...

yeah.. it's a beautiful place there.. but expensive lo..