Saturday, June 28, 2008

[5] Annoying Things + [8] Habits + [6] Quirks

I was tagged by Jean. I'm a person who lazy to do tag, because of no time or simply just because lazy or maybe the tag is really no-point and boring.

This tag is kinda interesting, 3 tags become 1.. :]

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[5] Annoying Things

1. Sweat again after taking bath - this is really annoying in hot days!!!
2. Traffic jam - because i am an impatient person.
3. No money - i suffered / suffering from no money.. :(
4. Bad service in any F&B outlet - i'm picky in service line.
5. Non-stop talking person - i hate noisy.

* * * * *

[8] Habits

1. No music, no life!
2. Sleeping - to calm me down when i'm unhappy.
3. Play with doggie!
4. Go cafe with wifi - not everyday.
5. Thinking and planning - to go Ireland.
6. Eat delicious food - eat outside or cook by myself.
7. Not yet noticed..
8. Not yet noticed..

* * * * *

[6] Quirks

1. I eat only veggie, chickens, ducks and seafoods, others such as lamb, beef and etc, i don't eat, but i cook.
2. I can sleep more than 12 hours a day.
3. Smell of durian or coffee will make me feel dizzy easily.
4. I can listen same one song for whole day, when the song is matching to my mood or really nice to hear!
5. I can eat breads or buns everyday without rice or noodles.
6. I don't like to go outside washroom unless no choice or i'm really in urgent. (home is the most comfortable one!)


Borneo Falcon said...

If you like Ireland, you must like green, or else you might like Guiness Stout. I been to Killarney in Ireland. It is green everywhere!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

haha, i like yr no.5 annoying thing: non-stop talking ppl. lolz!

oh, do u hv a doggie?

Lee Chien said...

borneo falcon,
i never been to ireland before, but i wish i will have the chance soon.. :]

yup, i have doggy, heeheh...