Monday, March 3, 2008


Iglool - this was the other place that i went once to online.. From all the pic that i'd seen from other bloggers last time seemed like very nice place.. For some reasons, i don't like Iglool..

Decors are not bad, but the menu are not attractive at all and very limited choices, the service there wasn't good as well (during the time i was there). Overall, this is not the place i like and i never been there again until today since the first time i went there.



I forgot what kind of coffee was this already..

Honey Green Tea
(really disappointed me, coz i hate ppl serve green tea with teabag together..)


L B said...

I've heard so much about the Igloo too.. thru blogs only. I think that could be a cappucino..

Lee Chien said...

you did?! hahaha.. i heard alot also before i went there, also from blogs.. it looked like cappucino right.. but i think the name is something like mocha or what..