Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sarawak Laksa - Madam Tang

Sarawak laksa is always my favourite among all the varieties of laksa. It is really hard to get it in kl, if even the stall stated selling Sarawak laksa, but it's not authentic Sarawak, which it has already 'influenced' by asam laksa or others.

Sarawak Laksa
(from Madam Tang, one of the best Sarawak laksa(s) in kch)

Look! Sarawak laksa not only special with it's special soup, which is NOT curry or asam, and other than meehoon (or yellow mee), there are bean sprouts, sliced chicken, sliced fried egg, prawn, coriander leaves, and optionals - belacan and lime. There is NO cucumber in it, which normally Sarawak laksa in kl put cucumber and claimed it is one of the ingredients of Sarawak laksa, omg...

For me, Sarawak is the best!


L B said...

I totally agree! A Kuching friend of mine made homemade Sarawak Laksa once for us, and it was out of this world!! Now, I am truly starving!

Apple said...

Wa..later I want to eat laksa for lunch. *drools*

Cucumber in Sarawak Laksa? Argh..if I were you I sure say "don't tipu me la. I'm from Sarawak and eat laksa for breakfast everyday." :P

JaMiLLa said...

Lee Chien,

I love Laksa in Kuching!!

I am not sure the famous Laksa that I ate once in Kuching is same with you.

But it definitey so YUMMYYYYY!!! *Thumbs up*

Oh yeah thanks yo for ur sharing. It's so nice to have quality time with ur family right now. Nevermind you havent find any job yet so just enjoy the happy moments with them. The more happy you generate now, you will get it more soon like having a good job is one of them, its somethin make you happy.

Anonymous said...

Leechien.... You make me hungry again!!
Sarawak Laksa definitely don't have cucumber! Haha..
Sarawak Laksa is the best Laksa!

Lee Chien said...

hahaha... Sarawak laksa is always the best! i like it too!

hahaha... yup, they tot i never been to sarawak, but then i'm from sarawak weih!!

oh, you love sarawak laksa too oh! can get in brunei ah? i heard my fren from brunei said got sarawak laksa there leh..
thanks for your words too, i am happy with my family now. :D

hahaha.. me always hungry also when i was in kl and thought of sarawak laksa everytime i cant get any there.. yup, no cucumber, dunoe why they're so insisted to say there are cucumber in sarawak laksa, sigh..

jONG said...

I like laksa too, but due to increased in the price from RM3 to RM3.50, somemore lately whenever spicy foods eaten, I'll get stomarchache or diarhea, so rarely eat laksa now-a-day.

Lee Chien said...

hahaha.. ya, sarawak laksa is the best.. yalo.. all stuffs are increased in the price and still increasing i think.. the sarawak laksa i had was rm4.50.. expensive compared to last few years..