Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can Malaysians Go Israel?


If you are holding Malaysia passport, you must have realized that in your passport says that Malaysians are not allowed to visit Israel. Yup, this is true, Malaysians are not allowed to visit Israel, however exceptions are given to Malaysian professing the Christian faith to allow them to make only religious pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

The reason was back to many many years ago about the war between Jewish and Muslim, so our country as Muslim country's resident are not allowed to go Israel. But as i know, several Malaysians' Christian had gone to Israel. Of course if you are Muslim, exception would not be given to you.

Same as to go to other countries, accommodation in Israel is advised to reserve earlier and so do service of car rental in Israel. I have no chance to go Israel as i'm not Christian. Anyone gone to Israel before and do you mind to share your trip in Israel?

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Anonymous said...

But i heard once you have an Israel stamp on your Malaysian passport , you'll not b allowed to re-enter Malaysia.