Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blue Crab!!

Do you know that alot of people actually don't know what is the colour of uncooked crab? I'm serious and ain't kidding. I'd been asking few friends (especially those in city), what is the colour of uncooked crab, most of them saying red, but red is the colour of cooked crab....

Uncooked crab is in dark brown colour (most)!!!!

Few days ago i passed by a stall selling crab and i saw blue colour crab. Hahaha.. Really interesting, i believe many people may have seen blue colour crab before for at least for me is first time...


Why is the crab in blue colour? As i know it is because this crab just changed the shell, which means the old shell peeled off, so i believe this blue colour shell still very soft..


kang yong said...

Whoa... did you try to press its shell? I really never see blue color crab before.. thank for sharing!

墮天使-祥 said...

ha ha , I know definitely not in red colour.

What colour is a crab depend on it species loh.

But whole crab in blue colour is first time.

So is that mean all the soft sheel crab are in blue colour ?

Mabelle said...

nice article.first time i've seen a blue crab.

thanks for the visit.

BeverLy's Secret said...

thx for your important info..
i really dunno crabs are blue before cooking..


EmiLio said...

blue! blue crab! i've killed so many crabs but i never noe tat they can be in blue color! wow~~

Lee Chien said...

kang yong,
i din, dun dare la, hahaha.. and welcome.. :D

yalo, different species differents colour, but deep brown is the most common colour.. (other than deep sea crab la, hahaha..)
deep sea crab also named soft shell crab if not mistaken, coz it's shell is softer.. the crab that normally we eat are from river, the color is in deep brown, when it changed it shell, the new shell is in blue color then slowly will become deep brown again. Like beetle, when it just changed it's shell, it's in white colour.. hehehe.. i ever seen cockroach in white color then the peeled skin at side, very geli...

me too.. hehehe.. :D

beverly's secret,
not all crabs in blue before cooking, normally is in deep brown, but this one is really special, hehehe..

hahaha.. special leh, new thing for me too.. :D

Apple said...

I never see blue crab before too.

3POINT8 said...

Tat has got to be the freakiest crab I've ever seen