Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I Am Back!

Yes, i am back from Malacca! And the wedding expo finished finally! Of course, i'd been shot alot by exhibitors too...

Just back from Malacca last night and today have to start working again, really tired!

Since i went to Malacca last Wednesday, almost everyday i had to wake up at about 7am or 8am, back to hotel midnight12am or 4am. If i didn't request for rest, my boss was expecting me to work until the next morning, terrible right?!

Yesterday i sms(ed) my boss to request a day off for today and guess what he said? He said yesterday he already gave a day off (i was working from Wednesday till Sunday, no overtime payment at all!) and Thursday is public holiday, so i should not take another day off. (Wah, Thursday public holiday assigned by him ah?)

Terrible company and terrible boss, from only one event and already seen his 'real face'. Luckily i decided to quit end of this month.

Boss, you can continue to operate your company, and i believe none will work for you anymore as you never know how stingy and calculative you are and you are not capable to do this business!


Apple said...

Good luck and all the best to you. Any plan next??

Lee Chien said...

thanks.. my next plan is to quit end of this month, back to kuching, rest awhile then restart myself again.. any other suggestion? coz i not yet found my next job..

宝茹 said...


墮天使-祥 said...

Luckily you already decide to quit.

Since you are looking for job, any preferable post or field ?