Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Probably this is the last time i would blog about this event, an embarrassing and unsuccessful wedding expo! From this event, i had finally seen the 'real faces' of my two bosses. Exhibitors paying high charges for this event and this is what they got. Some even asked can get we refund back or not, coz they wanna leave. If you are or are not in event industry, i bet you've seen standard booth before. I been shot by exhibitors that these were the ugliest booths they had ever seen (so do i) and we as organizer were unprofessional!!

Cheap thing not good, good thing not cheap. This is really useful for this contraction. One of the bosses found this contractor, cheapest he got, and exhibitors complained the ugliest they had ever seen!

Too many things happened from this event, wasting my time and energy only to talk more with both of them. Another shocked thing heard from this morning meeting was:

Boss:'Evil() is no a sin. We are evil only, we are not cheating.'

Hello, evil is worse or cheating is worse?

Before, i had already made up my mind that 100% i'll leave; now, 200% i'll leave!


Chee Hoe said...

Yeah.... this kind of bosses will close shop really soon. Reputation is important when doing such work and he is just destroying himself.

Definately a wise choise leaving this company

墮天使-祥 said...

Agree with chee hoe, I dont think this kind of company can last long.

levian said...

what a cruel world it is out there. be sure to protect yourself from harm n influence. :)

Lee Chien said...

chee hoe & 墮天使-祥,
yup, i agree with you guys as well, so i wanna quit end of month, dangerous to work with them also, dare to tell us this, obviously will do this to us as well..

thanks! i'll protect myself.. :D