Friday, December 28, 2007

My 2007 Christmas Eve Dinner - Tony Roma's

How did you spend your Christmas eve or Christmas dinner? I went for my Christmas eve dinner at about 10pm+, was in the waiting list of Tony Roma's. I wanted to come this restaurant but always no chance, and it's expensive (for me). Nice restaurant, nice food, nice time but with wrong person and ruined my Christmas.

Bar of Tony Roma's

Soup of the Day
(French Onion Soup)

Carolina Honeys Tenders
(this was really delicious!!)

Grilled Pacific Cod
(Really big portion..)

Shrimp Scampi Pasta
(one of the most tasty pastas i'd eaten before)

Sprinkle Sundae
(this is dessert for kid's meal actually, adult meal's dessert is Christmas Pudding, but i'm sure you do not wish to eat if you seen!)

After dinner, went for movie 'Warlords' at 1am. How did i spend my Christmas day? I was staying at home, sleeping, eating and playing 'Big Fish' games, that was all.. Bored huh? At least i got a day to relax and do nothing..


宝茹 said...

Onion soup! :)

墮天使-祥 said...

what you mean wrong person? If he is the wrong the person, why don't you date the correct one first?

Anonymous said...

I like the honeys tender!!!
send to me..

Apple said...

How did the French Onion soup taste like? All the dishes looks so delicious. Maybe to know I wanna go for salad :P

Lee Chien said...

yeah, onion soup, nice!

it wasn't a date and it was a she. we just went there together, you imagine you would like to have a peaceful x'mas eve and someone keeps complaining and giving you 'lian se' to see..

hahaha.. how about you make it yourself, much faster ma, hahaha.. the honeys tender was really very tasty!

French Onion soup, i dun like to eat onion, except onion soup, coz the onion cooked til very soft and tasted sweet. But the best French Onion soup i'd tried before was in France, maybe their onion different, so the taste was so nice and cant be found in malaysia...

Chee Hoe said...

Food looks delicious. Will take note of the place for my next food trip

Lee Chien said...

chee hoe,
yup, you should go to try, nice food there..