Thursday, December 27, 2007

Famosa Chicken Rice Ball

Almost missed this entry too.. My lunch at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball, Malacca before i went back to KL. Another chicken rice ball restaurant which is different from the previous one. The taste also much different, worse than last time.



Lime Juice & Sour Plum Juice

Stewed Egg
(It was too hard and tasteless, got colour only..)

Chicken Rice Balls & Yam Rice Balls
(Rice was hard as well, hard to swallow, but Yam Rice Balls quite ok..)

(Tasteless as well..)

Full Picture..

11 comments: said...

The rice ball looks nice, but i can see it is very oily.

I never saw it in my Homework, 1st time i saw it.

Lee Chien said...

quite oily lo, but this one quite hard, not as soft as the normal chicken rice..

WoMbOk™♂ said...

I have yet to try chicken rice balls.. it's on the to do list for 2008. keke

Cherry said...

eeeeeeee...y so special one!

Apple said...

I also wanna try...but dunno when can..

hp84 said...

I tried this shop before, it is not as nice as the other shop. I think the other shop is not in the town.

心雨 said...

Jie!!next time dun go this shop..not nice de..n dirty also..
own opinion la...
i like go corner tat kopitiam de..need beratur dee..tat 1 nice..hehe^^

Lee Chien said...


hahaha... nice to have try also, hahaha...


looks special ha?hahaha...


when you come kl can go malacca also, quite near one...


where is the nice one? i wanna go for nice one.. so far the two restaurants i've eaten no so nice... =(

宝茹 said...

I thought "Formosa" not Famosa, hehehehehe

Lee Chien said...

arh? hahaha.. different la, hahaha..

Lee Chien said...

dirty also? walau, i wont go anymore...

the corner one i know, i went there for the first time, much better than this one... hmm.. i think next time i go the corner there again better..

thanks ya.. :D