Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FHM 2007 - Part 4

I discovered this cute YOKOMON booth at FHM 2007 as well, Japanese Favourite Ice-cream.

There are 6 flavours (with icons), which are:-
- MACCHA (Green Tea)
- DAKU CHOKO (Dark Chocolate)
- AZUKI (Red Beans)
- RAMU REEZUN (Rum Raisin)
- GOMA (Black Sesame)
- ICHIGO (Strawberry)

With the password - YOKOMON, i got the flavour of GOMA (Black Sesame), and it tasted really GREAT!!! But too bad that no photo here...

To know more about this YOKOMON, please click here.


Apple said...

wow...ice cream..i think the rum raisin taste good too!

hmm..the Yokomon link is dead?

Lee Chien said...

so far i not yet seen YOKOMON in any of the supermarket yet, hope to taste other flavours also. The link dead meh? let me check ya..