Saturday, September 29, 2007

Favourite 'Pan Mee'

I did not like to eat 'Pan Mee' back to about 3 months before, maybe it was because i don't like the taste of 'flour' (but i like bread though it's 90% made from flour) and i never tasted nice 'Pan Mee' before.

This 'Pan Mee' stall located at the outer of a workshop, roadside of Serdang area, near South City Plaza. My boss used to bring me here and this is why i started to eat 'Pan Mee' and like this 'Pan Mee'.


This Chilli is the selling point of 'Pan Mee' and the main reason why i said it's my favourite 'Pan Mee', maybe i should say favourite Chilli. This is actually Chilli powder, crushed dried chilli with garlic.

Chilli with Anchovy

Full Set!!

Yeah, 'Pan Mee' is topped with vegetables (Mani), kelp and pork. It was my dinner yesterday. This really taste so YUMMY!!


Johnny said...

wao... so nice.

Wayne Liew said...

If you try out the big big pieces where they peel instead of slices like what you show, it will be nicer, for me la.. Hehe....

camy said...

wah nice looks of the pan mee ler but q far from me cant go :D

Fishymoonie said...

look tasty neh, =D i miss the pan mee in my hometown

宝茹 said...

My mouth is watering already...:P

Lee Chien said...

yeah, it's really nice..

wayne liew,
you mean 'mik' pan mee ah? hehehe..

when you free just come over and try lo.. hehehe.. it's outside of a DUNLOP workshop..

where is your hometown?got nice pan mee also?

hey, when you have chance, must try this out ya... nice nice =)