Thursday, January 20, 2011

i want new bathroom!!

Having a better bathroom is always my dream. I concern how my bathroom look like and how comfortable is my bathroom, as i prefer to take a nice and relaxing bath each time i feel tired.

But well, it is not easy to find good bathroom equipment in malaysia. Especially those with nice design. Other than this normal and usual one, i would like to have a jacuzzi as well if possible. Sounds greedy, but who does not want to have a better life, better bathroom? And i think we should deserve it. Imagine after a day long work, having a nice shower, how nice it is.

And i found this really useful link on the line. It has everything, including bathroom suites, toilets, toilet seats, Saniflo Macerators, bathroom tiles, bathroom furniture, bathroom taps, whirlpool baths, shower trays,bathroom mirrors, shower enclosures, heated towel rails, bathroom accessories and the jacuzzi collection. It's a complete set, and all can get here. Other than that, the price is not too expensive, and they're having sale on most of the items now as well. This is really worth to price and it's easy payment as well.

Whoever is interested in bathroom design, renovate and all, can always consider to view and purchase from here.


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please delete this after done, thanks

Gareth said...

In malaysia??
That would be great. I didnot know about thhis thing.

Many thanks

hailey said...

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RBoy said...

好像妳好久都没有UpdateBlog了哦 。。。 :(

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