Monday, July 21, 2008


Perhaps, kolo mee is one of the signature food in kch. Was once 'ordered' by Anna to bring kolo mee to her, which i don't really like so much as i seldom eat pork. But still, i believe many people no matter from where (except Muslim) like kolo mee very much..

Here's the one (night stall) that i had at Big Mouth Coffee Shop (on the way to MJC), and the Teh C Peng Special is the best that i had before as well.. :]

It is special coz it's in 3 layers..

Normal Kolo Mee, only RM2.50!! So cheap!!

My Special Kolo Mee (RM4.50), seafoods only, no pork oil added but vegetable oil..


Borneo Falcon said...

How much kolo me now cost?

verine said...

lee chien... i din know wat is kolo mee... but now i know aft u tell me... tat's gan lao! is tat nice? u alw make me feel hungry... i want to try some!

Lee Chien said...

borneo falcon,
RM2.70 or RM2.50?

hahaha.. next time you come and try ya.. :)