Thursday, June 12, 2008

Richmond Place

Do not misunderstand, this is not the Richmond in Canada, but a simple western cuisine restaurant in town. Maybe the owner likes Richmond alot.. :)

I realized that Ribena Sprite is one of the favourite drinks of the local, why?!

Very salty cream of mushroom, i'm wondering how long did they leaving it as it's too sticky and water reduced become very salty..

Not mine so i don't know the taste, but the comment from eater is 'so so' only..

The fish is big, but not fresh at all.. and the chips not nice.. :(

Been to Westwood before and was thinking the food not so nice, except the price is cheap, who knows Richmond is even worse. Bad western food but with cheap price always easily survive among the crowd, maybe with minimal money and consume non-delicious western food is a kind of 'enjoy' also? Not criticizing anyone but my comment only as sometimes i am one of them also..


Apple said...

Heard that Richmond Place and WestWood is actually operating under the same boss.

Lee Chien said...

really oh.. i dunoe wor... no wonder the menu quite similar also..