Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Help Them As An Old Beggar Can Too

I believe all of you must have known about the China Earthquake, and i'm not gonna explain more about it.

Kinda sure after hearing about China Earthquake, most of you will feel sorry and pity on the victims and forget about it in the next minute unless the news pops up again and give a reminder once again. Have you ever think of to help those victims other than feel sorry or pity?

Look at this:

old beggar

Look with your own eyes. This is an old beggar who has donated RMB105 to earthquake victims. Even a beggar able to help and donate RMB105, how about you?

I'm actually knew about this from Vickie's blog. I'm sure almost all of you have paypal account and you can donate some amount from your paypal account, which it is trustable!

Log in to your paypal today and help them even with a penny only!


LEEONG said...

didnt back up? hmmmm
i saw one beggar from starbucks subang.. he was with a stick, after he gt donation from some random ppl, he placed the stick in between his arm and armpit then walked down the stairs damn fast to keep money he gt =/ his walking speed faster than me lo. omg

Lee Chien said...

yalo, didn't back up.. :(

wah, what beggar is that? i always dun donate money to beggars, coz most beggars (as i've seen in kl) are cheating one. wed you go tmn connaught de pasar malam, there are few 'disable beggars' there, but once they 'finished' their working hours, they will become normal and 'able person' again.

Red said...

me donated dy..
i really hope can help them more n more...

EmiLio said...

if there are more beggars like him in this world, this earth we are stepping on will be a beautiful place to live on.

the beggar is more big hearted than most of us are.

Zooropa said...

This is really a sad one which made me donate too.


Lee Chien said...

oh, good good, hahaha...

yup, you're correct! rich people may not donate even one cent, who knows..

glad that you donated too.. :D

keeyit said...

Yeah I donate already.. do it now..

amei79 said...

Beggar in china is big big different from other countries...do u know that in china, there is a place by which most beggars own a bangalow?

i donate via mercy.

Dalicia said...

i did my part :)

Lee Chien said...

thank you.. :D

beggars own bangalow? i really dunoe about that... wow..

thank you too.. :D

宝茹 said...

amei79 is right. Beggars in the US have their own stereos. :P

Lee Chien said...

wow.. beggars got alot of money also weih..