Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Was Once..

I am graduated from hotel school.. Yup, i was studying hospitality management in local university college, which is one of the famous culinary schools in Malaysia as well.

Images from www.tourismvictoria.com and www.stjohnsgolfconference.com

I was once wish to be a chef during my studies time, but i gave up also, coz i know that it's not easy for a female to become a chef due to physical issue. Hmm... Well, though i could not be a chef now, i do interest in doing food and beverage industry.

Awaiting for my dream to come true..


墮天使-祥 said...

It was not late If you still want to be a chef. When I am watching AFC , I see a lot of young and pretty lady chef there.

Dalicia said...

wow :) so, do you enjoy cooking? or just the expect of the marketing and hospitality?

hmmm maybe a nice cafe would be nice?

EmiLio said...

once i longed to take up hotel management bcuz i quite enjoy meeting new ppl, experiencing the unexpected adventure.

go n strive for ur dreams! do not let urself regret someday in the future.

yLing said...

Jie! U can be a chef 1 day~
ur dream will come true!

usws said...

Huh, what 'physical issue'? I mean, i could understand if you wanted to be a waitress and couldn't carry those heavy cutlery, but chef takde apa-apa kan? Good luck with your dreams anyhow.


p.s. OMG, those gigantic plates are scary! And they're like supposed to carry 4 to 6 at a time?

Lee Chien said...

hahaha.. not easy to be chef, still male is more suitable..

ya, i like cooking.. yup yup, i dream to open a cafe, but no capital..hahaha..

hotel management is interesting, i'm not regret to take it!!

hahaha.. small and 'half pail water' chef maybe can gua, hahaha...

coz female not as strong as male, and when period time will influence your taste of testing food.. to be a chef, need to carry like 'wok', pail all those. you imagine if you preparing a 100 pax soup, how heavy the weight would be, hahaha....

yup, for waitress as well, but still will be better to be chef, see the environment of kitchen and restaurant, it's different as well.. :D