Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Wanna Open An Online Store!!

Did i ever say that i'm planning to create an online store and selling special or own design T-shirt?

I may not mention in my blog before, but yeah, this is what i'm thinking to do. I don't know what will the response be if i really created an online store. I need professional opinions from all of you who are on the line!

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Beside this, i'm looking for T-shirt printing company as well. I have been surveying and searching online always, and i've found some sites are offering good T-shirt printing service, such as high quality at low rates. But all these are mostly available in other countries, and not in Malaysia, so the shipping fee is not worthed.

Anyhow, i need more information regarding business opportunity. Your comments and opinions are highly appreciated! :D


BeverLy's Secret said...

Brilliant idea...
i wanna open an online store soon as well~~


Lee Chien said...

beverly's secret,
really? do give me some advices ya.. :D

3POINT8 said...

Hehey, this is cool.
If its cheap and I dun have to buy in bulks, I'll support your business by being your 1st customer.

shimumsy said...

hey, if about ebay, i know a little, you can ask. let me know if you open one. i could be a customer.

levian said...

wow best of luck with it !! i have no experience in it, sorry can't be much help. hehe. i could be your customer though !! ;)

墮天使-祥 said...

If you need technical support on opening a online store, just let me know.

I plan to provide free online shopping cart.

[Y] said...

Gd~ i support u!!
Actually u can even try to buy something through online.. i think it will giv u a draft picture ~

ET女子 said...

may i knw wat software u r using 2 design t-shirt?
nice wor~

Orange said...

wow! you are doing sumthing now arent you. ill make sure me and Apple support you so keep it up!

Amei79 said...

High quality vs low rate, perhaps u must at least have an acceptable volumn...instead of selling T-shirt, may be u can sell the design alone too? would u apply a patent 4 ur design?

Hmm, good & cool just thinking.........why not me?

Dalicia said...

wow!! which much success..i don't know anything about business

Lee Chien said...

wow.. thank you, thank you! when i'm done sure i'll inform you! :D

oh, i know ebay, but i'm not gonna create that kind of concept.. erm.. what i wanna be is more like a brand, hehehe.. thx.. :D

hahaha.. thanks! yup, wont be too expensive, sure will be reasonable..

yes, i love to have an online shopping cart!!!!!!!

ya, i'm surveying everywhere now, hehehe.. thx... :D

erm.. that's not mine.. i'm not sure what software, but you can refer to the site i mentioned below the image..

hahaha.. yup, i'm doing something, still in the planning process, have to be be careful in considering lol.. :D

hmm.. i still not yet 100% confirmed with it, but will think of it, hehehe.. :D

hahaha.. it's ok also, by the time if i really did it, you can be my customer, hehehe.. :D