Monday, April 14, 2008

Anyone Went To Celine Dion's Concert?

It finished few hours ago at Stadium Merdeka!! Anyone went to Celine Dion 'Taking Chances' World Tour 2008 (M'sia)?

Please, do share with me if you did! Due to many circumstances, i did not manage to go to Celine Dion's concert but i went to PIKOM PC Fair.. Heard that it was having serious traffic jamming at the concert venue area... I wish i were there.. But... Haih..


Dalicia said...

welcome back to KL. i don't like celine dion :(

Lee Chien said...

thanks.. :D

huh? why you dun like celine dion?

Julian Si said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, glad you liked the photos ... it was a spectacular concert!

Lee Chien said...

julian si,
i wish i were there too.. :D

thanks for sharing it..!!