Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thing That I Wish To Have One In My Bedroom

I am suffering from insomnia for quite long time already. Normally i can only get into sleep around 4 or 6 in the morning. How terrible i am suffering from, imagine that if you wanna sleep but you can't sleep, laying on bed, closing your eyes for few hours but you are still very awake.

Normally, my families will get into sleep around 11pm or 12am. So after this time, my house will be very quite, just like i'll be alone in the whole house. I have nothing to do from this time onwards until i get into sleep, which is around 4 to 6 hours. Normally i will be staying in my room, reading comics or doing stuffs in my laptop.

When you are in your bedroom night time, i am pretty sure that you will be very lazy to step out of your room, especially when you are laying so comfortable on your bed (though i still can't get into sleep). To be in room so long hours i have to go washroom or have a drink. My bedroom at first floor and washroom is just right outside of my room, but kitchen is downstairs so as a lazy person like me, i am so lazy to go downstairs to take a drink.

Recently i have found something interesting online - westway - hot water bottles, which i can keep it in my room so i can have warm drink in my room also without going to kitchen at downstairs to have one. See the photos below:

Candy Pink Hot Water Bottle

Cowboy Cowprint Hot Water Bottle

Raspberry Frost & Mulberry Frost Hot Water Bottles

Very lovely hot water bottles right? I wish to have one but they are kinda expensive. Anyone willing to buy for me? Hahaha...

Click this link to see more:

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