Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thank Food Vegetarian Restaurant

Thank Food (天富) Vegetarian Restaurant, kinda wexrd name right.. hahaha.. at least i think so.. Went there once for lunch, forgive me that i forgot what were the menu of the food below..



I ordered one of the veggies in veggies' section.. but i didn't expect it came in 'soup'..

Well, overall the taste wasn't bad, but just the price is slightly higher than other vegetarian restaurant..


Apple said...

Look like Taiwanese style..sure more expensive. where is this located?

Lee Chien said...

yalo, look like not bad ho.. taste still ok la, but really kinda expensive lo.. it's at ang cheng ho there leh.. you know ang cheng ho kaya and toast ah? the shoplots there lo.. next to madam tang..