Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lunch at Secret Recipe

Was the first time i went to Secret Recipe in kch, the second branch, located at The Spring. Also the first time i went to Secret Recipe with mom for lunch. Glad that she likes the food and drinks there.. =)

Ice Lemon Tea

Vegetarian Soba
(mom's food - informed not to add in onion and garlic, though not sure if it has in the original recipe, as we never eaten before also)

Fish and Chips
(Mine - not much different from other branches)

Food at Secret Recipe are always very filling. I finished Fish and Chips but mom didn't, so we asked waiter to pack the Vegetarian Soba. At the same time, also packed two slices of cakes, mom always likes delicious and rich cake.

New York Cheese Cake


I wish that there are more restaurants we can go together, as she is a vegetarian ('pure' that kind), not every restaurants have authenticity vegetarian food for vegetarians.


LEEONG said...

i didnt know secret recipe gt vegetarian hahahha
eh i wanna bring jco for mum, how to carry? :(

Lee Chien said...

got, under the vegetarian category, only 2 items, another is salad, hahaha...

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

secret recipe? i love the tomyam noodle. i think the vege menu is new. i didn't noticed it before geh

Apple said...

Oh, I didn't know that your mom is a vegetarian. Vegetarian is good for health.

Until now, I never dine in any Secret Recipe outlet before.

yLing said...

Jie!!u also cannot tahan arr..

Lee Chien said...

forgot to reply you abt jco.. paiseh..
when you buy whole box will be given a plastic bag also right, i saw people hand carry it to aircraft, hahaha..

really? i didn't notice if it's available or not last time..

yup, my mom is vegetarian, hahaha.. i think food and drinks in secret recipe quite nice, i always give good comment, just the price maybe slightly more expensive..

hahaha... how to tahan delicious food, hahaha.. XD

EmiLio said...

oh it's been so long since i was last here! i heart brownies! my sis prefer cheese cake. btw wat's the difference between new york cheese cake n the local ones? more cheesy?

Lee Chien said...

which local cheese cake?
hahaha.. i have no idea..