Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kueh Chap!!

I believe all of kch people this. Yup, this is Kueh Chap!!! No meat in my Kueh Chap as it was ordered by my dad as he dislikes Kuey Chap, says it's not hygiene. But i insisted to eat, so this was a 'boh leow' Kueh Chap, except Taufo pok and hard boiled egg, hahaha...



Apple said...

Oh? can order in such a way? Most of the time I prefer the soup but not the meat. Maybe next time I should try order a "bo liao" kueh chap.

Dalicia said...

i never had kueh chap before...this is interesting

Amei79 said...

Aduh,kueh chap without internal organ where got delicious...y not hygiene? boiled into the hot water, all bacteria died already lah...but really hard to clean the inner part of the bowel & intestine.

Lee Chien said...

hahaha.. my dad always order that way for me.. and i don't really like to eat pork also, so it's suitable for me lo.. hehehe..

you should really try this kueh chap, really nice! and i think it's only available in kuching, and it's really very delicious..

i never eaten before those internal organ, so don't know also, hahaha.. yup, coz those part of bowel & intestine hard to clean, and i had seen ppl just simply wash them so i also know it's not really hygiene also..