Friday, March 21, 2008

Drinks at Kaya & Toast

I go Kaya & Toast kinda often, as it's really near to my house - the only nearest wireless cafe. These are the drinks that i recently tasted:

Iced Teh Tarik

Iced Plum Lemon Juice & Iced Teh O Lychee

No offense to all Kaya & Toast lovers, but i have to tell my opinion that: drinks at Kaya & Toast really terrible! Until now i still not yet tasted any drinks that is nice in Kaya & Toast! Do drop me a message if you have any good recommendations!


BlueStar said...

These drinks giving me a feeling of 'missing home' =s
So nice, Hope to have it now!! =P

Lee Chien said...

these drinks are nice, and normally can get only in malaysia, but for me, not in kaya & toast.. =(

Dalicia said...

hmmm....i don't get kaya or teh tarik here. well if they do have teh tarik it's not good :P

Lee Chien said...

oh, there got teh tarik? not nice? i wonder how much is the price..