Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do You Still Remember?

To those who already stepped in the working society, do you still remember what did you wish to be when you grow up?


What did i wish to be in the future when i was young? I was wishing myself to be a hairdresser, study hairdressing academy in Japan; to be a fashion designer, study fashion in New York fashion school; to be a lawyer, study laws in UK law university; or, to be an interior designer, study interior design in local university. But due to the financial problem (very expensive to study in Japan and New York) and my poor mathematics subject (plenty of calculations in interior design course), i had given up.

In the end, i took hospitality management in local college. What's the reason? You might be shocked. I never thought of hospitality management at all before and didn't even know what it ws about, just because the intake time was the time i wanted to go to study so much as my friends around me were all had their study plan except me.

Do i like hospitality management? After i studied, i can tell you, i like. Do i still wish to be a hairdresser or fashion designer or lawyer or interior designer? I know i have no chance.

Do you still remember what did you wish to be in the future when you were young? Do you wish come true?


BeverLy's Secret said...

I dreamed to be a stewardess when i was a kid. But now, I'm sick to be on board. The air pressure and dehydration are killing me... I still enjoy travel though~~

No matter the dream comes true or not, It's still in a part of our life. And It does encourage us to move forward in life~~

Good Luck, girl...

LEEONG said...

u took hospitality was a shock for me as well =p
I never thought that u will take it. I still rmb u told dad that u want to study interior design in curtin when i was young =)

Lee Chien said...

beverly's secret,
thanks girl..
i'm happy with my life now too.. :D

hahaha.. shocked leh.. i NEVER thought of studying hospitality management at all also.. this is faith gua.. last time i wanted to go lim kok wing, not curtin la.. mom wanted me go curtin.. haih.. all these were dreams liao...

WoMbOk™♂ said...

I always wanted to be a space cowboy when I was a kid. But now I work in a cubicle :P But all is good.

Dalicia said...

yeah we all have dreams. i changed it many times!!! from becoming a designer, a nurse, a lawyer, a singer...haahah

in college when i started my program. i took i was naive that i could save the world. but then, you realized that there are many loopholes. and saving the world
isn't all crack up to be.

whatever it is. we make good use of our life. :) thank you for visiting my blog

Lee Chien said...

wow.. space cowboy, nice... :D cubicle also not bad lo, hehehe.. :D

wah, you really have many dreams, hahaha...

yup, you're correct, whatever it is, we, we make good use of our life!

thanks for visiting my blog too.. :D